Business Name Self Registration


Inside This  Special Guide You Will Discover:

  • How to avoid used or registered name
  • How to write General Nature of Business Name. It is very important to get this right to avoid queries from CAC
  • How to avoid queries on your registration [3 Things you must know to avoid unnecessary queries]
  • How to know if the company you want to register require  proficiency certificate or not.
  • When to make first payment
  • How to make payment for the registration
  • what payment options should i select to make payment.
  • How do i pay for my Registration

This E-guide= N 5000 

Why should i pay five thousand naira for this e-guide?

  1. If you get this e-guide it opens our doors for you on any issues you may have with your registration
  2. This e-guide will save your time and it will enable you to complete your registration within 48 hours without stress
  3. With this e-guide you can register as many business name you wish to register.
  4. This e-guide will save you money and time because many lawyers or agents will not deliver your work until 10-15 days in which you can complete it by yourself within 72hour this include collection of your certificate and certified copies of your documents.
  5. finally the total cost of registering your company name is 10,600  and accredited agent will charge you 30, 000 to 25,000 per one registration. if you get this e-guide it will empower you for life because you can now register for your friends and family ,because you are now knowledgeable enough to do the registration.

Note that only 10 copies left, once we get up to 10 orders this information will be deleted from this website so act fast now to grab your copy now.


How to make payment:

click here to pay online

Offline payment

Account Name:          FALOWO ADEMOLA S

Account Number:      0111716060 GTB

0704157381 Access Bank

After payment send your payment details to

for questions: call 08075800577 or 09074381442